Gestion de problématiques import export


Every delivery has its share of problems. Our job is to solve them.


If there’s a problem, there’s a solution.

Over the years, we have built a solid network of partners on which we rely to get around any problem. We adapt to your needs and the challenges of your industry to find optimal solutions.


We make sure that everything runs smoothly

Problem management import export

Rigor and respect for deadlines

As we know, a late delivery can have very negative consequences for your business. Not all delays can be anticipated and finding quick solutions makes all the difference.

Reliable and reactive partners

We limit the risk factors. Our partners share our criteria of excellence.

Your profits maximized

In Canada, failure to comply with laws and regulations related to the import, export and storage of goods can have serious financial and legal consequences. Our partners’ rigorous compliance with your specifications gives you peace of mind.


We understand your reality

Problem management import export


The reality of the field is that there will always be unforeseen events. Our role is to anticipate and circumvent them by proposing alternatives and concrete solutions.